Unlocked Heart

I walked up the stairs towards the door of my home and my mind tried to construct an image of the unwelcome stranger who must have walked these steps in the last few hours. My husband had just called an hour before to tell me that our home had been broken into and our television and […]

Seeing The Stains

It’s beginning to feel like fall. Well, maybe I should clarify that. I do live in Texas after all. It’s not that I can pull out my scarves any time soon and walking outside with a warm latte would just make me sweat. So technically it’s not really fall weather. But somehow, barely, in ways […]

Keyboard Courage

Words. So many words. My thumb slowly swipes the glossy screen and all I see is words gathering in little clusters, interrupted only by pictures, then running rampant again… Ever updating, bringing me news and opinions and information. This is social media. Everyone has something to say and ample means to say it. The question […]

Shower Conversations

I step in and turn on the faucet and then crouch close to the wall so that the blast of cold water won’t hit my back while I wait for the hot water to spew out of the shower head. Hair begins to become soaked, washing away the day and the gym session and erasing […]

Window Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window into the soul… And I stare into her big blue eyes and I think what a beautiful soul she must have. She stares up at me with all innocence and unabashed loved. And I stare like child on knees peeking through the window sill. I want to […]

To The Good Men…

I saw you step shamelessly into that handicap equipped mini-van outside in the Starbucks parking lot. In your 20s and well dressed, you could be a player if you wanted to be. But the one chick you cared about picking up that day was your grandmother. And I saw a good man. I saw you […]

God – The Evil Prankster?

God caused it to happen. God must have planned it. God is trying to teach me a lesson. I hear these kinds of statements from Christians a lot. Usually statements like this are preceded by the telling of a situation that went terribly wrong. The car broke down, the pet died, the son didn’t pass […]

Unraveling My Mental Yarn

Why does my mind race and why does it never seems to step over the finish line? Do you ever feel like that… like your mind’s feet are dancing in a ball of yarn and the faster you go, the more you tangle? For thousands of years before us, people lived with only thought of […]